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A super hard on. The best a man can get.
Trisha, that trick daddy ova there got one big ass J-Rod goin' ONNNN!
by jarred retro April 26, 2008

A gay hand job. A tug job between two sweaty guys.
Chip gave Ace a super duper rye-o-hammo in the bathroom.
by Jarred Retro April 21, 2008

The same thing as a tall tee. Using this word to describe this type of shirt puts emphasis on how much it looks like a dress.
"Dude, look at that goofy chump wearing that shirt dress acting all gangsta. My girlfriend has the same one in green."

"Yeah, I can see his vagina when he wears it while riding a bike."
by jarred retro May 09, 2008
The sexual act of a man receiving a blowjob while sitting on the toilet, and while climaxing, he vomits on the back of his partner's head.
"Girl, what happened to your hair?"
"My nasty ass boy friend Guatemalan Blumpkined me!"
by Jarred Retro August 04, 2006
Similar to a rye-o-hammo but specifically between an African America and a Native American man.
After a night at the Lunchbox, Clifford went home with Flapping Bird expecting a simple rye-on-ham-ons, but instead received the dreaded Guatemalan Blumpkin.
by jarred retro May 02, 2008
n. A small, expensive, but totally cool piece of paper that messages are written on, rolled up, and then sent to the recipient via the iPigeon.
Hey, Davey, may I bum an iScroll from ya? I gotta iPigeon Joanna about that crossdress dance party later. It's gonna be so killer.
by Jarred Retro October 18, 2011

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