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Two or more people who are both friends and on the dietary plan Nutrisystem.
Bob:Jim what are you eating there.
Jim:(Hesitantly) Uh some food.
Bob:Ohhhh Jim your on Nutrisystem. I see.

The Next Day.

Jim:Hey Bob whats that your eating.
Bob;(Hesitantly) Uh some food.
Jim:Oh my Bob your on Nutrisystem to.
Bob:Well now that the secrets out I guess were both Nutri-Buddies.
by Japan Bubbles August 27, 2009
This term is the term used in the Eminem song "My Mom". The definition for this term means you are huffin' ether (cocaine) and puffin' reefer (marijuana).
Bob: Hey Jim didn't see you last night what happened?
Jim: OOOOOOOOOH! Last night I did some coke and weed.
Bob:So you where Huffin' and Puffin'!?!
Jim: Yaaaaa.
by Japan Bubbles May 26, 2009
(1) Very purple.
(2) More purple than needed.
Bob: Hi Jim. I love your vurple t-shirt.

Jim: What's that mean?
Bob: It's more purple than needed.
by Japan Bubbles August 15, 2009
This means whenever you download numerous songs on itunes (or on any other music download site) at the same time no matter which one downloads first you always listen to the first one on the list then the second etc.
Bob: Yo Jim what did you listen to yesterday.
Jim: I don't know I was just going with the iflow.
by Japan Bubbles June 04, 2009
Some times this word can be used as a street name for cocaine.
Bob:Hi Jim i got high today.
Jim:On what?
Jim:Oh you druggy.
by Japan Bubbles May 27, 2009

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