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A gothic hippie is precisely what the name implies. The exact combination of goth and hippie can vary widely based on the individual. In general, A gothic hippie is someone who believes in peace and love, embraces and strives to be one with nature and a higher energy (often-times through the practice of Paganism or some other New Age activity). These people generally also have a facination with history, praticularly the Middle Ages and the Victorian era. They tend to have a dark and cynical sense of humor and take very little seriously except for major issues (peace, love, social rights, ect...).

Stylistically A gothic hippy can look like either a goth or a hippy or some combination in between (think tie-dyed t-shirt with black fishnet underneath it and long dark hair)
Someone who listens to gothic music (especially more ethereal stuff), is into meditation and the pagan worship of nature and feels that people are stupid because they take things too seriously that aren't really worth it.
The highest goal of a gothic hippie is to trancend this world of materialism and pop-culture filth and achieve a higher form of enlightenment and inner peace.
by Janus XVII May 23, 2005

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