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1. A religious official.
2. A leader of an Arab family or village.
3. Used as a form of address for such an official/leader.
The Sheikh of United Arab Emirates is visiting USA tomorrow.
by Janis Matthews May 24, 2006
Its a Muslim name meaning Wolf.
Mayor Awais is running for re-elecion
by Janis Matthews May 24, 2006
A Male Name meaning Wolf.
Awais is taking us out to party tonight!
by Janis Matthews May 30, 2006
Muslim name meaning;
Mansoor is headed for the market to buy some groceries.
by Janis Matthews May 24, 2006
1.A member of a Pashto-speaking people of eastern Afghanistan and northwest Pakistan, constituting the majority population of Afghanistan.

2.Also refered to Homosexual tendencies.
Are you being a Pathan?
by Janis Matthews May 24, 2006
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