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The act of doing something non-productive, sometimes for the sake of annoying or amusing another person. Can be used as a verb or adjective.
"Hey look at that guy jangling over there in that parking lot with those old sticks."

"Do you want to go jangle around after work tonight by the movie theater?"

"Look Bobby, I got a new pet, he is a Jangle Monkey."

"My roommate woke up early and decided to jangle around in the kitchen pretending to do dishes in order to wake up everyone else in the house."
by Jangle Monkey October 05, 2006
A person that overly touches items that were not mean't to be touched or are not normally touched in such frequency. See also cockmogler
Cindy seems to really like to moggle that cottage cheese.

Jim was in some pain after he moggled that poison oak.

My girlfriend is such a vagina mogler.
by Jangle Monkey October 10, 2006

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