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1. A nickname for someones penis, implying it's large size.
2. Someone who can drink alot. Ex. Frank the tank from that movie with Will ferrel.
3. A tubby ass mutha fucka. Someone who isn't going to get layed for a while.
4. an armored vehicle
1. Hey eric you have a small dong.
Shut up asshole this thing is a tank
2. Douche:guys im a hard ass watch me drink this whole six pack by myself. you: wow what a tank.
3. That bitch gave me herpes! How'd she get layed if she was a tank?
4. I used to drive a tank back in nam'.
by Jamm627 April 12, 2006
1.someone who is drunk off of or pretends to be drunk off of, consuming very few beers.
1. that lightweight only drank 3 beers, and he is allready passed out. What a three beer queer.
by Jamm627 April 12, 2006

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