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A power sleep to recouperate before going out for the night. Usually after a hard days work, but before heading out to the dancing.
Mags had a hard day down the IR and needed a wee Disco Nap to prep herself for the night ahead.
by Jamie Larkin October 11, 2007
A car that drives by prostitute's for the sole purpose of throwing chips at them, a trend that originated in Glasgow a few years back.
Fucking chip taxi went past last night, Grease stains on my new frock now.
by Jamie Larkin October 13, 2007
The (Non existant) Taxing of a woman on the game. Usually used in a derogatory comment towards friends.
Here Sarah, when you were doing your Self Assessments, did you take your Hoor-Tax into consideration?
by Jamie Larkin October 13, 2007

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