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1 definition by Jamie Howden

is a Poo finger, Poo muncher, Marmite Bandit, Gay, Poof, Unko, No sense of fashion, Unwanted by girls, Gods gift to men, fuck stains, wank stain, Wanna be pimp, wigga, try hard, blender, Fagg, Homo, Dry, Unwanted, Loner, flamer, fairy, poofter, butt monkey, butt pirate, cum drinker, poo puncher, back door bandit, pillow biter, Lavender, ball crawler, poonce, donut puncher, ass sucker, slut, whore, faggot with no friends ugly teeth bad hair shitty sense of style (unusual for a gay boy) attends a shitty school and many people wish Gunn were dead!!!!
your such gunn wanna be
by Jamie Howden December 19, 2005
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