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An Emo Bastard is an annoying dick that you have to socialise with because they linger about like a bad smell talking about THURSDAY and how they made them cry at the gig and how their RUFIO T-shirts colours are fading. Emo bastards like to cry about everything and play metallica solos on their guitars craply even though they tell people that they only listen to emo genred music. They like to attempt to steal your mates too so if you see one, normally wearing a t-shirt with a band that you havent heard of to be "cool" and/or have greasy skin/hair and trousers that are too tight/baggy, boot them in the pussy.
Mike Barker is Such an Emo Bastard, all he does is think hes' good at guitar and pretend he has friends. What a loser eh kieron?
by Jamie Chang December 30, 2003

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