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well a greb in my opinion is just like all the rest of yours, individualism, heavy, complex taste in music and a motive and need to express yourself for who you are. a person outcasted from everyone else but the people who have been in your position. a group of people who arnt accepted to be left alown cause of their image, personality and well being unliked by Chavs(so to speak).
i have been considered a greb for, phwa, as long as ive been me me. im not liked by the townies, chavs except by a couple chav wannabies. so i went to the other people who are also as a greb. 1 greb + other grebs = exactly like all the pees in a pod.

chav: hey maun, u startin on me maun? uah?
greb: no, acually im not
chav: ur startin on me? comon than!
greb:ur not impressing anyone u no?
by James antera July 05, 2007

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