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an act usually performed by girls when they are at a perfectly good party/bar but still need to repeatedly call or text to see if there is something/somewhere "better" they should be;related to calling the bullpen for a better pitcher in Major League Baseball. They even call friends that they know are home to make sure they know they are out at a party so they dont think less of them. They think that they look cool because they have options when actually they look stupid because they are the only ones that are not caught up in the amazing times in front of them.
Jess is forever talking mad loud when she is calling the bullpen. That girl is never allowed on sparks st. again.

Where'd Rachel go? I dunno Jess was calling the bullpen before, I guess the bouncers must not be checking id's so they are going downtown.

by James Street May 01, 2008
v.i. To join a frat your super senior year
v.ii. To pee all over someone’s couch when you are wizasted and not offer to clean it up the next morning, further allowing it to seep into the cushions for eternity.
n.i. Marine strength standard for inner tubes. Ever since a contona was allowed on an inner tube they had to come up with a system to rate the strength of each tube and the distance it could be pulled before it will rupture. One contona rated tube can pull one contona for a mile or 15 minutes which ever comes first.
n.ii. Marine power standard for boat engines while pulling an inner tube. A boat engine is rated for one contona if it can pull a contona on a contona rated inner tube with out breaking down. Boat engines in North Carolina are no longer rated by horsepower they are rated by contonas.
n.iii. The sound a water tube makes when it explodes under massive pressure.
Who is that pledge he's mad old?
Thats's Jason he's contonaing Sigma Alpha Epsilon.
Wtf dude, your couch smells like pee.
Jon contonaed on it last week.
What's the rating on this tube? Is it contona rated? I hear to be contona rated a tube has to be able to withstand 2 sumo westlers battle to the death on top of one and the tube remain unscathed.
Pulling a man that size with this boat will take at least a 3 contona engine.
I bet when the atomic bomb exploded over hiroshima it sounded alot like a contona.
by James Street April 29, 2008

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