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a wolverhampton band consisting of five musical magicians who are of the emo punk genres
Kid: "dude i got that new darker purpose CD"
Kid2: "there great and the keyboard player is amazing"
Kid: "the rest of the band are amazing too"
Kid2: "oh yeah , i'll agree with that"

Kids run along singing to 'Meah!' and 'Don't Know Yet'
by James Stone October 24, 2006
1. the end of a crane
2. an offensive response when nothing else can be thought of
1. "Look theres some wire on the cranes job"
2. Jordan - "I dont like you!"
James - "Yeah, well....you're a jib!"
by James Stone December 03, 2006
to tell somebody that they do not know what they are talking about or are just plain irritating
Jord: "I like The Beatles"
James: "I know!!! Shut up Jord!!!"
Tom: " Yeah Jord, shut up!!!" *Tom slaps Jord round the back of the head*
by James Stone December 03, 2006
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