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A massive portable stereo system as carried on the shoulder, with speakers facing out, by breakdancers/gang members/people 'from da streets' in some 70's and 80's american films.
'That chap has an awfuly large wogbox blasting out Run DMC. I suspect the director is indicating that in this scene our story has taken us to the mean streets of Harlem. Whatch out Chevy!'
by James Smurthwaite January 23, 2007
Fusion of the words 'kebab' and 'babylon'. The area in UK towns and cities, usually near all the bars, where loud, drunken people gather in public to embarass themselves, offend others, expell urine and vomit and eat bad foods at night on the weekends.
Roger: 'After the theatre we can walk through town to get to our bus stop.'

James: There's no way I'm taking Grandma through kebabylon to get home! We'll get a taxi.'
by James Smurthwaite January 23, 2007
Low-quality fast-food chicken, slightly higher quality than the stuff they put in dog food. The term was revealed to me in large, brightly lit letters above a fast-food van at Glastonbury festival in 2000. On approaching the van the full text became apparent; BURGERS HOT DOGS CHICKEN. Still, the damage was done and needless to say I bought a burger-hot instead.
'Tempting as it is to pay only 49 pence for 2 chicken drumsticks at this major supermarket it's probably dogs chicken'
by James Smurthwaite January 24, 2007

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