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1. Someone addicted to the gym or someone extremely vain and obsessed with physical appearance
2. Someone resembling a baboon
3. Someone with extremely bad comebacks and stories
4. Someone with a very hot mum/pushy/bossy/dominating
5. Someone who gets wound up very easy and often resorts to violence to solve or settle arguments, in paricular picking on those smaller or with less muscles
6. Someone who can bench 110 at 1 rep
7. Someone who at school does absolutly no work but still manages to get average grades
8. Someone who is attracted by ex-nottingham forest and england international footballers
9. Someone who runs with their arms sticking out at the side

Gurney should in no circumstance be used in a positive way it should be used to describe negative things or to be used in conjunction with a profanity.
You F***ing Gurney

I'm sick of that Gurney

He looks like a Gurney

by James Monroe September 19, 2006

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