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The proven medical condition of believing one is good, open minded, and loving when in all reality it is the opposite.

Humans may express the following symptoms:

Illogical Behavior
General lack of knowledge on the world around them
Hate Mongering without knowing
Habitual Lying
Being a dumb ass
Evangelicals: God loves everyone!

Atheist: I'm Atheist

Evangelicals: Your going to hell!

Atheist: I thought God loved everyone?

Evangelicals: That is the mystery of faith.

Atheist: More like the mystery of bullshit.

(NOTE: The example above describes an example in which the individual is acting Human. The word is not actually used. The example was intended to show what acting human is like.)
by James Mathew Anderson May 18, 2010
- A whore and or slut.

- A woman with an extremely hairy vagina.
- A woman that engages in casual sex daily.
- A female that will suck on male's reproductive organs often.
"Your mom is a squirle. Furry, lives of tree trunks, and collects nuts all day!"
by James Mathew Anderson March 07, 2010

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