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1 definition by James Longmuir

What you get when you allow Australian convicts to invent a sport.

They should change it to the CFL (Convict Football League).

- Shockingly minimal skill (kicking and catching a "ball")
- Atrocious off-field antics (Public urination)
- On field goings-on, including testicle grabbing
- Only "sport" in the world to reward failure eg. If the player misses the goal, he is rewarded with one point
- Search 'AFL'on the internet, and you will be amazed at what you will find
- Stabbings at games *are always covered up due to the AFL friendly media...they do a good job*

I am thankful that I have one full Australian father and a non-Australian mother. Thanks to mum I was not kept ignorant (as all Austalians are), to the sheer atmosphere, velocity, adrenaline and awe-inspiring skill that is Football (Soccer *said in a cringing, childish voice*),that full Australians just do not get. I feel sorry for them and for all who do not understand this.

I am sure this is not the case, but Football is what God made legs for :). It is one of the greatest sources of happiness; particulary for the poor, sad children of the earth. Whatever you beleive in (a major problem in our world)just be happy and positive. Please...

I do not like 'australian rules football', I love Football it makes me happy...Oh and I haven't even started on Criket. :)
by James Longmuir April 08, 2008
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