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Hip-hop, as a whole, is the revolutionary way of observing the world around you. Without a doubt, hip-hop is an objective way of persceiving the actions of those both abroad and at home, and transferring the way you feel about them into one of the many creativities. Since the dawn of Afrika Bombata, hip-hop has taken the streets of natinos everywhere by storm, but unfortunately, and to my personal dismay, little microphone bitches like Lil Jon and Gay Unit have taken over mainstream rap, giving a bad name to emcee's and spoken word poets everywhere. A few things recognizable to hip-hop:

-most commonly the spoken word that rhymes, has a sick beat, and hits the body and soul with powerful meaning. I.E. Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Jedi Mind Tricks, Canibus, and Immortal Technique

-Graffiti, while also considered an art of the hip-hop regime, has become globally renowned world wide.

-Breakdancing has unfortunately become a dying form of self-expression.

-DJing is probably the most important aspect of underground hip-hop musicianship, because, hey what bitch ever rhymed without a bomb beat? Now this goes to say that any emcee who can go crazy acapella deserves props but not an amount of respecting matching beated musicians.

-Beat boxing is undoubtably the most intriguing of all the hip-hop arts. Musicians of the beat-box genre make noises and sing both alone and toghether making beats that sound like drums and other funky noises. This is probably the most mysterious of the hip-hop arts.

-Slam poetry is personally one of my favorite aspects of Hip-hop culture. With both rhyme and intelligence, emcees of slam poetry spit lines directed at problems today and those directly connected to the emcee themselves.

These are just a few of the aspects on the hip-hop ballot. Make sure never to listen to G-Unit, eminem, dr dre, lil jon, chingy, nelly, jay z's new shit, or any of that bullshit insult to hip hop.

check out some talib or some hieroglyphics. Big ups...

-zion i
-Talib Kweli
-Mos Def
-Black Star (Talib and Mighty Mos)
-Gotan Project
-Guerilla Republic
-Aesop Rock
-Dilated Peoples
-Jedi Mind Tricks
-Haiku d'etat
-Freestyle Fellowship
-Immortal Technique
-Binary Star
and many others...
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