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LS1 Ram Air or not. Vs Mustang GT, It kills it.
Vs Mufflers, or those thing kids try to build that actually cost about 200,000 to get them up to speed. Destroys them.
These cars are proven to be the fastist stock of the lot under 30 grand cars. 12.9 1/4 Mile 340 to 350 hp.
I only had the car one week.And about 6 imports tried to race me. I was even shocked. Forget winning by bumper lenghts. Try about 7 car lengths. In about a 1/4 mile. I raced everything since 5 years old, I was born in the City "not a trailor park" live high class. Tried to make about 3 diffrent imports fast. It just did not work. So had to buy a real car. And this car devistates almost all rice out their stock. And if its not stock! LOL forget it. You cant beat it.
Civic with a turbo Burns off.
I wait, humm? How long should I give him. Waiting, waiting. Salm cath him in like 2 seconds. His girlfriends in the cars slut smile goes to a frown in seconds. Before the race all the teens says his rides the best around lol.
by James Edwad the 3rd August 17, 2005

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