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n. Boys night out.

As in a Hodown, but with your bros.
Sorry baby, it's a brodown tonight.
by James Dannelly May 07, 2003
n. $10 worth of marijuana
n. Anything perfect, usually the looks of a girl. (From rateing a ten on a scale of 1-10)
n. $10,000
v. To rat someone out.
1. Man, I had to dig through the couch just to scrape togeather enough for a dime bag.

2. Man, that bitch is a dime.

3. Those cops pinched a dime off me when I was in.

4. The cops were all over my house, someone must have dimed me out.
by James Dannelly May 07, 2003
n. Very bad breath.

n. Something cooler than ninjas.
"Dude, go brush your teeth, you got the dragon."
by James Dannelly April 08, 2006
n. An attractive girl.
Man, you see them fawns up there?
by James Dannelly April 08, 2006
n. A young black person. slightly racist

Stems from Irish folklore of small, black faries that lived in the hills.
There were a bunch of picaninnies up at the park.
by James Dannelly May 07, 2003
A black person.
"What are these match-heads up to?"
by James Dannelly May 07, 2003
Abbreviation for the medical term "Human Whiskey Dick". A common form of impotence among males of the species Homo sapiens sapiens. The first reported cases are lost to history but seem to correlate directly with the domestication of grains for the refinement of alcohol over 9,000 years ago. HWD strikes an alarming 90% of American males sometime in the early adolescence with sporadic flare-ups occurring on nights and weekends into their early 30s and beyond. 98.75% of all males can expect to experience HWD at least once in their life, more frequently if the male is a member of a Greek fraternal organization or a rock and roll band. Sadly, as of January 11, 2008 there is no cure for HWD and palative care is limited to rest, and the use of illicit drugs like cocaine or ecstasy.
Studies are currently being conducted to compare the correlation between Human Whiskey Dick and a similar disease "Weed Willy".
I've had H.W.D. off and on for over 7 years now. It's tough getting laid.
by James Dannelly January 10, 2008
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