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2 definitions by James Coney

1) A blockage of the colon experienced after eating large amounts of mexican food in one sitting.

2)A software program designed by two entrepreneurs from Houston, Texas. Before their early retirements, the original creators of Seguro Backup sold the rights to their software product for $15m to Veritas inc.
Pedro has been in the bathroom all morning... probably a seguro backup.
by James Coney January 26, 2007
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Meaning "Snake Like Creature" (read into that what you will). Ephidian the identity of a code monkey in Houston, TX who is known for running a hot cam in his porsche and smoking ricers in the greater houston area. Ephidian is a legend in everyones mind. He is a leader and visionary who changes the world on a daily basis. Some revere him as a super natural being, a god if you will, but in person he insists on being referred to as a mortal. One impressive atrribute of the Ephidian is that through all of his success, he has the ability to stay humble and modest.
Hot but slightly dim bitch: "I spent the night with Ephidian and now I can't walk!"
by James Coney January 26, 2007
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