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1 definition by James Cheetham

century optics fisheye (mark 1 or mark 2) 145 degrees horisontally 180 diagonally. best fisheye for filming skating and the only one which can take the vx 2000 530 lines of resolution unlike a raynox mx3000 pro which can only handle 480 lines of resolution priced around $600-$700 new but if your looking for the mark 1 century no longer manufacture it so its rare to find it new. i only know of 2 shops which i can get it from but they will run out soon so ebay will be your last resort

that about somes it up
www.johnbarry.com.au/.../digital_series/ ds_.3x_fisheye.html (mark 2)

expn.go.com/skt/s/ skate_photography.html (mark 1)
by James Cheetham January 03, 2004