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Famous Vodka from the Rubinoff Family. Originating in Tsarist Russia, the Rubinoff family name is lived on by Vladimir Rubinoff who, along with his wife Veronica, moved from Russia to Somerville, Massachusetts (USA). The Rubinoff family crest is imprinted on every bottle, allowing their name to live on forever.

The Rubinoff family was not the only family to leave Russia, as rival Dimitri Zarkoff also migrated to Somerville and produced Vodka for the New England region. The Zarkoff family was known for owning many of the buildings in Leningrad. Vladimir ended up sleeping with Dimitri's wife, Natalia. Dimitri would never forgive Vladimir for this action.

Cousin Cossack, a former Communist General, moved away from Russia following the fall of the Soviet Union. Cossack was known for the invasion and eventual takeover of Petrograd. He also moved to Somerville, and accordingly produced Vodka. There is a growing concern among the Russians that Cossack may try to take over Somerville and destroy the Rubinoff and Zarkoff family name, along with other minor factions in the region. A peace summit is being organized to bring together the Zarkoffs and Rubinoffs in hope to overcome their past so they can work together to stave off the threat coming from Cossack. Fellow Vodka maker James Caldwell is hosting the summit.
Oh, you are about to drink RUBINOFF? Do you know the history of the beverage you consume? The Rubinoff's and Zarkoff's have been fighting for centuries, but now both are vulnerable to Cossack, and his ilk! Promote peace!


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