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1) n. Any archipelago of islands inhabited by a dense population of monkeys who are afraid to venture out of their islands because they are too scared.
2) n. or v. Act of changing one's embarrassing histories of violence and prostitution
3) n. Any island country that has lots of people getting stabbed and has children murdered by neighbors
4) n. An island country that does not have anybody tall or good looking.
5) v. Act of having an incestous relationship with one's parents.
6) n. A country where having a public baths with both sexes in one tub are allowed
7) n. The country to the East of Korean Peninsula located on the EAST SEA that charges many people, especially the tourists, double or triple the actual value.
Ex. 1) Look! I think I see a japan on the east of Korea
Ex. 2) I am not sure if Germany is going to japan out on their history classes about the holocaust.
Ex. 3) The news speaks of japan that has yet another boy killed by a neighboring woman.
Ex. 4) Mini-Me is considered a man of handsome man of average height in Japan
Ex. 5) Yeah. Joe is japaned with his mom
Ex. 6) I want to go to Japan's public baths with all you girls.
Ex. 7) I just got ripped off in Japan.
by James Ban May 22, 2006

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