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1 definition by Jamal Brocaveying

The designated zone for a group of bros to chill, bro out or get fucked up. The bro cave can take many forms: a dorm room, living room, bedroom or an apartment are all acceptable.
Flat screen, X-Box and dope speaker system are a must to satisfy all bro-quirements. Marijuana and alcohol consumption are always acceptable when the bro cave is in session. Bonus points to any bro cave that has a percy bong, vaporizer, or both.
Hoes are welcome into the cave, but if they start fucking with the cave's bro-flow, they must vacate the bro cave.
Non-bros, or brokillers, are never allowed into the cave, no matter what the circumstances - however potential bros are always welcome to smoke some bowls or drink some beers with established bros in the bro cave.
Bro #1: Yo bro, wanna go hit a few bowls and sesh some FIFA '10 up in the bro cave?
Bro #2: Hell yeah brotha, let's strap on our bowlerskates!
Bro #1: Yeeeee, strap em on nice and tight!
by Jamal Brocaveying December 06, 2010
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