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when a girl makes you cum when giving head or a handjob (although handjobs blow, and we can do a better job ourselves). Good girls always finish guys and swallow too, while mean girls leave the guys to finish themselves.
1) Man: "Ooooo. I'm gonna cum."
Mean girl: "Ok. Can we make out again?"
Man: "Why don't you finish me?"
Mean girl: "Gross."

2) Man: "Ooooo."
Good girl: "..."
Man: "I just busted one in the back of your throat."
Good girl: "I know. I liked it."
by Jako Kot April 24, 2008
Phrase coined by the African dude in Grandma's Boy after he farts and wafts the fart into his notstrils.
People who enjoy the smell of their own farts may sometimes use this term.
Guy A: "Dude, did you fart."

Guy B: "MMMM...My beef strong."

GuyC: "Boy, it really is."
by Jako Kot December 16, 2007
The period before a relationship (or before a rejection) where a guy attempts to create the romantic bond. Involves much dating and confusion
I have been working on this girl for over 3 months. God the chase can be so strenuous.
by Jako Kot August 09, 2008
When you squirt mustard (peanut butter works too) on your erect dick (flaccid works too) and come down on the fore head or cheek of your passed out brosky. Before, during, and after the event, you and your awake broskies must chant "Mustard DICK slap! Mustard DICK slap!" and record it with a phone or some shit like that.
Everybody: "Mustard DICK slap, Mustard DICK slap!"
Everybody: "Mustard DICK slap!"
Victim: "What the FUCK!!!"
Everybody: "Mustard DICK slap, Mustard DICK slap..."
by Jako Kot February 11, 2008
a man who can ejaculate six shots of cum in one sitting
Johnny is a flucking six roper. He really knows how to fill a girl.
by Jako Kot April 29, 2008
verb: to chew on a dick

noun: a nibbler; a girl who makes what should an amazing sexual act hell
verb: Guy 1: "Dude, you suck at everything."
Guy 2: "Shut the fuck up man. Just go chonk a knob."

noun: Guy 1: "How was Stacy last night?"
Guy 2: "Man, she a chonkaknob."
Guy 1: "Ouch. For how long?"
Guy 2: "I busted her dome before she could finish."
by Jako Kot January 01, 2008
When you grab the skin from your nutsack with both hands and spread it so that it looks like a flat canvas. The veins appear to be rivers outlined by the light thats penetrates through your skin.
Bobby: "Hey man, don't show me your sack."
Joko: "Chill out, I'm just speading the map so that my pubes can get some air."
Bobby: "Stop. My mom might walk in."
Joko: "Oh, well she likes it when I spread the map over her face."
by Jako Kot April 22, 2008
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