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An Ignorant white male who believes he is African American and listens to only what he hears on the popular (And always fake) rap or hip hop radio stations. Usually, he has a puffy fur trimmed coat, plastic "bling", mega baggy $780 pants that he sags and holds up with his left hand, and a blonde afro/ buzz cut. He, on a daily basis, classifies anyone that has tight pants emo.
wigger: "yO, aInt DeM titE pEantZ sKwEezIn yO dIk?"

Skater/Punk Rocker: "Actually, there is this new invention called "spandex". They put it in jeans to make them stretch."

Wigger: "yO, sUn, DaS wAk. U eOm."

Skater/Punk Rocker: *shakes head and laughs*
by Jake Virus September 07, 2008

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