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n. An event or state of being resulting from when a penis is used in retaliation/reaction to an appropriately (or inappropriately) provoked cause/event.

Can be pluralized, ie. Cocksequences
or be used as an adverb, ie. Cocksequently
"You're Pregnant which is the Cocksequence of having unprotected sex"

If you drop the soap in the prison shower, prepare to suffer the Cocksequences.

"You gave me a lapdance, so Cocksequently I now have an erection."
by Jake Stebel March 10, 2005
v. the act of one, when in a seated position, having to bend uncomfortably forward (or to the side) to avoid the incessant coughing and resultant flying of mucus from hitting the back of one's neck. This is a maneuver used for one to passive-aggressively confront rude people seated behind him/her who don't or won't sickline or cover their mouth. Maneuver is particularly effective when used in conjunction with a hooded garment, although it can cause back/neck pain/spasms after prolonged use.
"The person behind me in class was coughing so loud that I had to arcumvent forward so I could hear the professor and not get snot/spit/mucus on the back of my neck! My back is KILLING me now! Next time I see this person there are gonna be cocksequences!"
by Jake Stebel October 02, 2009
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