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A nickname for the 24-starred American Flag flown during the Civil War as coined by Salem, Mass. shipmaster Capt. William Driver. This term has now come into use for the American Flag of any design. She is timeless; No war could diminish her radiance, no faulty administration foul her name.
When the Captain of the 22nd Maine regiment lifted Old Glory above the cannon haze, a singular rally-cry issued forth from his troops.
by Jake Phelps June 14, 2006
n: Commercials, generally produced by local retailers, that employ the children of the owners as spokespeople.
Someone: Hey, look, they got our mechanic's daughter Betty on TV!

Someone else: Oh, God...not another Kidmercial...well, as Kramer once said, "Move along, Betty".
by Jake Phelps October 18, 2007
Strength Skateboard Magazine
by Jake Phelps July 03, 2003

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