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6 definitions by Jake Nonigga

some crackhead that likes to lick cows
MMMM Cows i love to lick them
by Jake Nonigga January 05, 2005
22 12
an expression for oh shit
"Oh shniggermuffins! I failed my exam1"
by Jake Nonigga January 07, 2005
5 5
An STD that causes someones penis to shrink like a white man's
Use your imagination bitches
by Jake Nonigga January 06, 2005
2 5
nickname for mother fucking canadians who come to America for the sole perpose of ruining normal people's lives.
"Hey I just moved here from Canada!"
"You are a mother fucking bacon stealer!"
by Jake Nonigga January 05, 2005
3 9
the word for a nigger asking a question
Nigger1: yo i just ax you a question nigglet

Nigger2: nigga wha?
by Jake Nonigga January 03, 2005
18 33
Word discribing an abnormally large paperclip.
"Hey look at this really big paperclip!"
"Wow it's supernatural!"
by Jake Nonigga January 04, 2005
120 163