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1 definition by Jake H. Grissom

Cin•e•pre•neur (sin-ey-pruh-noor)
1. any person ardently inspired to pursue a professional career within the making of motion pictures, usually with considerable initiative and risk.
2. a person who undertakes a filmmaking project, esp. one that is important or difficult or that requires boldness or energy.
Origin: 2008; American English cinépreneur, prefix ciné- from French, cinema meaning: motion picture + -preneur, from French, entrepreneur meaning: one who undertakes (some task), equiv. to entrepren(dre) to undertake + -eur
After refusing to give up his dream of being a director, even after everything had gone wrong, his peers considered him to be a true cinepreneur.

Did you hear that that group of cinepreneurs will be producing another film this year?

She was not widely known yet, but as a cinepreneur she knew that one day people would recognize her as a great screenwriter.
by Jake H. Grissom June 09, 2008
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