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Canibus Sativa Indica buds sold in the continental United States on a wholesale scale by Triads gangs operating between Vancouver, Seattle, and San Fransisco, for recreational use, because it is almost useless as medical marijuana. Beasters originates as very well grown BC Bud, from British Columbia, in southwest Canada, an area that has developed in the last half-century to produce copious amounts of quickly grown dense and dank indica nugget for Canada and America's West Coast. This dank indica is shaken over screens to remove its kief in order to make hash. The Triads sell the hash for top dollar, and then treat the garbage bud to fool the buyer, and toss it over the border fence into northern washington state. The triads drive up from Frisco and pick it up in the woods, selling it as medical bud to unsuspecting teenagers all over the country. Dont try and find it, they'll shoot you...

DONT BUY BEASTERS. You are supporting gang activity, and the desecration of a totally useful medicine. Its not as bad as mersh schwag, which is grow by mexican slaves under cartel control, but its worse quality, which much degradation, and hardly any THC, or anything, but grass, left.
Like Beasters!
by Jah Rastafari420 February 27, 2011

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