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A slang word from Hobart, the capital city of the state of Tasmania, Australia. It describes an un-educated member of the criminal under class, the word has been replaced by the word "Bogan" from mainland Australia since the mid Nineties. Originally meaning someone from the housing estate of Chigwell in Hobarts Northern suburbs, it came to mean anyone who shared the characteristics of the stereotype. The typical Chigga in the eighties had a more cockney accent, dropping the h and t from words, and would use the word "fuck" between almost every other word. They would be identifiable by mullet hair cuts and flannelette shirts, worn as jackets over black heavy metal t-shirts. Generally a violent and untrustworthy person that mainstream society did their best to avoid. It differs from the now prevalent word "Bogan", in that a Chigga was always a nasty person who lived a life of crime, where as a Bogan can be this aswell, but they do not have to be.
"Some chigga's holdin' up the servo for a pack a smokes" -

(An uncouth member of Hobart's criminal underclass is staging an armed robbery at the petrol station to obtain a packet of cigarettes)
by Jaden Bogan March 28, 2010

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