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To resemble and represent at the same time.
The tubby boy represembled the colony of angry fat men.
by Jade Havok 13 September 01, 2004
Created by the Almighty Grapefruit in a dream, this word means "awesome, sweet, dopesick, killer, hella sweet, rad" and so on and so forth.
"AFI is wancedack!"

"You are the most wancedack guitarist on earth!"

"Man....Algebra is unwancedack to the fullest!"
by Jade Havok 13 September 01, 2004
Stolen from Jade Puget, Hella can mean lots of things. It can be an interjection or an adjective. Or it can also be a reply.
Interjection: "HELLA!"
Reply: Did you do your homework? "Hella!"
Adjective: "That CD is the hella best!"
by Jade Havok 13 September 01, 2004

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