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1 definition by Jacobs Chadder

A very sexy woman, who at first glance might not catch your eye, but underneath her casual attire has the body of Marilyn Monroe. Something about this otherwise plain woman, draws men to her, causing them to pace back and forth, not knowing what the heck hit them, as their hearts skip a beat. This woman, when looked at closely, has the body of a voluptuous classic beauty, and has eyes that say she will rip a man's clothes off. A Scudder has no idea of her sexiness, which drives men crazy. Sometimes called krunk. Scudders can easily hang out with the guys, and flirt effortlessly with men, which makes women very angry and jealous, even though a Scudder is not strikingly pretty at first glance
"I never noticed her, but then I looked closely and she scudded my heart. She's a Scudder."

"She's a Scudder, cuz the bitch scudded my heart."

"She's such a Scudder, what do men find about her that's attractive?"
by Jacobs Chadder September 28, 2011