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Webos: Noun
Balls, Male Testicals. Usually used by male strippers. Created as an Etertaining substitute for Nuts,

Asumed to have originated in Latin Cultures

1.) When Dane Cook has to shave his webos before a show he always uses "Webo Splash, Webo Splash you sexy mother fucker".

2.) When Angelina was playing with Brads Webos she notice he had trimed the pubic hair around it and had freshined up with "Webo Splash, Webo Splash you sexy mother fucker".

3.) Yo holms that chica was totally tribin webos last night after she took that "X".
by Jacob Shaheen January 11, 2006
Basturd: Noun
1.) A person (usually a man) who has no father or is father less. Usually the husband or boy friend leaves the mother and does not take responsiblility for the child

2.) A Jerk, Asshole Butthead, a dick, jackass. Bassically just a word used to scorn some one. mean word.
If her mom would even know who the dad is mabey she wouldnt be such a basturd child.

He's not living with his parents any more cause he found out hes a basturd child. See his mom had him and his real dad left thats when his current "father" steped in and took advantage of her while she was vonerable.

That Basturd took my money and wont pay me back.
by Jacob Shaheen January 11, 2006

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