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A male family member of another, more successful Indian hotel owner hired to basically keep an eye on the hotel(s) but has no real grasp of the business nor any real mental capacity to ever become a successful owner in his own right. The Indian version of a loser.
"Habib has been running the hotel for his brother in law for 10 years, but he is such a Raj Patel that his future is not likely to ever amount to more than that."
by Jacob Miller August 13, 2005
An individual whom follows package delivery services around during the holiday's seeking out opportunities to steal boxes that are left in front of houses by the driver.
"Dude, me and Bob did a little UPStalking yesterday and nabbed a new PC thanks to the dork who left the box at a vacant house."
by Jacob Miller August 14, 2005
Any individual whom works for a hotel and logs into Tripadvisor.com or other travel ratings website for the sole purpose of leaving positive reviews for the property s/he works for in order to boost the ratings in their favor.
"Bob tripbombed Trip Advisor yesterday and boosted the ratings of his Super 8 motel from #5 to #1, what a scammer!"
by Jacob Miller August 15, 2005
The happy feeling experienced by a parent when they are preparing to change what is believed to be a dirty baby diaper, but turns out to be just pee.
"I was not looking forward to changing Frannie's diaper because I thought she crapped only to get a nice surprise when I saw she didn't."
by Jacob Miller August 13, 2005
The element that a VW Beetle Turbo is made out of. What else??
Dude, that VW is made from Turbonium.. I know because the commercial for it said so.
by Jacob Miller May 08, 2006
A coolero is a married man whose wife has tricked him into thinking that the child/ren she had birthed while married to him are actually his although they look so unlike him in any way that only a friggin idiot would believe that they are really his. Spawned from Me, Myself and Irene when Jim Carrey's character's wife has three black boys and he never questions the paternity.
"Damn Bob, your kids look like the FedEx man more and more these days, you are such a coolero!"
by Jacob Miller August 18, 2005
A white, American born male hired by an Indian hotel owner as general manager and to act as the "public face" of the property he manages. To be a true Billy Schrank, this person must also consistenty allow himself to get fucked out of promised bonus pay and be easily tricked into performing capital upgrades and maintenance to the property for no additonal money, thus making him a complete loser, a sucker and an individual devoid of his manhood.
"The manager of the La Quinta was nice enough, but I felt sorry for him because he worked so hard for that damn Indian owner for peanuts. Jesus what a friggin' Schrank he was."
by Jacob Miller September 19, 2005

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