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Proper noun; the entity that is responsible for every series of events that leads to a person's misfortune; Life often arranges for something bad or inconvient to occur precisely when you least expect it, can least afford, or when everything is going perfectly; often leads to HOL followed by DSB
"Life... that bitch got me again."

"Oh Life, you win this time."

"I just paid off my Malibu mansion, new Maserati, and then all of a sudden "BAM!" Life strikes again. I caught my girlfriend being fingercuffed."
by Jacob Bl June 04, 2007
Abbreviation; "hating out loud"; the antithesis of "laughing out loud"; to retell an especially painful memory or other story with the intention of causing further emotional damage to onself; to speak hatefully or hostilely with the intent of mentally or emotionally destroying onself or others; to say aloud negative opinions that would normally be kept to oneself; HOL is commonly followed by a fit of DSB

Origin: Chicago; after a night of drunken unremembered texts one containing HOL was found, unsure of its intended meaning due to blackout it was given above mentioned definition
"I don't feel nearly bad enough about what happened this morning. I better start HOL. So I just caught my girlfriend sleeping with another guy... actually make that two guys... at the same time... she was being fingercuffed... another guy was taping... I'd been with her for two years... she told me she was a virgin... ahhh Life."
by Jacob Bl June 04, 2007
Abbreviation; "destroying something beautiful"; while enraged or in an HOL state, to find something miraculously beautiful and destroy it to such an extent that it can no long be considered remotely attractive or pleasing to the eyes ; HOL has commonly been known to lead to DSB

Origin: Edward Norton in Fight Club
"I felt like destroying something beautiful (DSB)." - Fight Club
by Jacob Bl June 04, 2007

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