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A suburb in the upper North Shore. Hornsby Heights has a large number of uncontrollable teens. These teens have now combined a group commonly know as "H H". People refer to Hornsby Heights as the "Compton" of Australia. The local Government has tried endlessly to crack down on these ruthless thugs, with no prevail.

Commonly known breaches of law include: Multiple assaults, high number of big time drug dealers, Grand Theft Auto, unlicensed weapons, armed robbery etc.
Guy 1#: Dude i just got a gun pulled to my head by about 16 people, they said "lucky your from around here mate, otherwise you'd have a massive whole in the side of your head"

Guy 2#: Yeah that's life around here in Hornsby Heights, I've got used to it. It's shoot, or get shot.

Guy 1#: Yeah, i heard. My house got robbed a few weeks back, and they stole both of my weapons.
by Jack Tetherdale August 09, 2009

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