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A Gray Collar Worker is a member of the service class. While a blue collar worker is a proletarian and primarily manual labour worker (such as a factory worker), and a white collar worker is a bourgeoisie class member (a lawyer).

The Gray Collar Working class does not have the riches of the white collar workers, nor the pride, nor unity of a blue collar worker.

The greatest work on Gray Collar Workers is in the film "Fight Club." It describes the lack of self-confidence, feeling of no masculinity, and the feeling of incompetence with near perfection.
Examples of a Gray Collar Worker:
-Security Guard
-Convenience Store Clerk
-Fast Food Worker
You get the point.
by Jack Red February 05, 2005
Hardline is an offshoot of straight edge, started by Al in boston in the late 80's. It was an even more intense version of straight edge. They were basically edge guys that would invade other's personal freedoms if they didn't agree with them. Kind of like hate edge.

They would listen to Hardcore music.
"If Ian McKaye saw a guy drinking at an all ages show, he'd shoot him a dirty glance. If Al and his crew saw a guy drinking at an all ages show, they'd kick the shit out of you." -BBD vol. 2

"i'm not a vegan and i have had sex,
so some hard-line kids tried to kick my ass,
if you're not like them they want to clean your clock ,
they're nothing but a bunch of jocks!
they're anti-choice, they're fascist youth,
their songs all sound like metal tunes!"
Anti-Flag from the song "Indie Sux, Hard-Line Sux, Emo Sux, You Suck!"
by Jack Red August 24, 2005

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