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2 definitions by Jack N

(v) To empty out the disgusting tobacco of the gas station bought cigar (dutch, swisher, optima, philly, etc.) in preperation for the rolling of a blunt. Usually done so by splitting/cracking the blunt down the middle with a razor, fingernail, or hands.

(n) The disgusting tobacco found in gas station bought cigars after being removed from its shell.
Yo slow the car down so I can gut this blunt, we've only got 10 minutes to burn!

After years of flushing blunt guts down the toilet, Johnny was busted by his plumber questioning his parents about the enormous amount of tobacco in the septic tank.
by Jack N May 20, 2007
The smallest/shortest individual in a circle of friends.
"Shut the fuck up slice, some bitch mistook you for a midget!"

"Alright wait here slice while we go ride this rollercoaster. Actually, grab us some nachos while you're waiting."
by Jack N March 19, 2007