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The Pennsylvania Pincone is a risque sexual maneuver. It involves a man, woman and a pinecone from Pennsylvania. This takes place before the man or woman finishes, normally the male initiates this super sensual trick. As you are "getting it on" ...slip out and take the haggard pinecone shove it up either the anus or the 'gina' then dropkick the region of entry. Then the male re-enters and finishes up.
I gave my chick the pp(Pennsylvania pinecone) last night.
by Jack Me Hoffman May 01, 2007
When a male does something 'womanly' or unmanly this insult will be thrown at them. This is the ultimate derogatory statement to define an emo-tastic, man loving, teachers pet whom loves balls to the eye. A man who only wants a relationship with women. Someone who also complains about being called a woman. Or a man with no balls... and likes to say Gay Explosion and uses midget cream. Also a man that thinks other men are exquisite, and enjoys a daily dose of balls off cocktails (Blowing other men and painting nude portraits of them).
Wes: Dude, Glenn is such a woman.
Jared: Yeah man all he wants from chicks is a relationship.
Ben: Bitch, It's what's for dinner!
Dave Chappelle: Later Broke-Mother Fuckers
by Jack Me Hoffman May 15, 2007

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