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H.B. Beal is a old school that has a lot of ESL (English as a Second Language) students due to the good ESL program and ESL classes. It has a lot of good academic students, teachers, and programs—in addition to excellent technical and art programs, teachers, and students. It has many good student programs and athletics and is secured through the fact that the police station is almost next door and there are always cops in the school and cop cars on and around the streets next to Beal. In this respect it is a good school. It is true though that the school has a higher then average substance abuse problem due to the fact that most of it’s clientele come from a bad neighborhood—old east (the worst part of the city); there are countless emos, goths, losers, weird people, stoners, addicts, sluts, etc. Due to this it is easy for kids to mix in the bad crowd and change themselves into something that may be negative for them and become losers in the future. On the upside though there are many smart people, athletes, and safely social students, and ethnic people because of the good programs and activities fostered in a respectful school setting. The school isn’t as bad as Clark, which has a high number of teen mothers; or maybe even South, which has a gang problem. Basically, it is a good school (programs and teachers) in a bad area; This results in a mix of either good students and bad students, and less of a number of mediocre (in between) students. It also increases the risk that good kids become bad kids by mixing with bad kids; and that bad kids become good kids by mixing with good kids (although less common). Basically, if you don’t live in the area or if your kid doesn’t need to go to a special ESL, technical, or art program don’t send them here; send them to Lucas, Saunders, or Central instead. If you are Catholic send them to a Catholic school—they are all pretty good.
E.G. 1. There was a fight that broke out in the “smoke pit” at h b beal it escalated and went out onto Dundas street where it blocked traffic. The fight had something to do with drugs or girls.
E.G. 2. Someone sent their daughter here and by grade 10 she was a prostitute, pregnant, and on drugs while being addicted to booze and smoking.
E.G. 3. Many kids have walked into here and left for University or College in a variety of programs.
E.G. 4. Bill got a job at an auto garage because he took auto tech at Beal. His girlfriend became a plummer by completing an apprenticeship.
E.G. 4. I rate this school a 6 out of 10. The worst in London is a 5 and the best is an 8.
E.G. 5. You have to take of Pasic’s and Nagy’s classes. When you take English class don’t take Evan’s because she is a biach, take Fenn’s or Armstrong’s. Never take one of Di Cicco’s classes, she is the same as Evans.
E.G. 6. When you go to this school get in the good crowd and stay there.
by Jack McNeil July 10, 2008

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