4 definitions by Jack McJacky

to TOTALLY go awsome at random. sparatic accurances of mega-awsomeness may accur when you spajag.

see spajoogil
im gonna spajag all over dis bitch.
by Jack McJacky April 09, 2004
allternate form of dibs only more powerful/crazzzzy/spajagen. but it is nothing compared to the allmighty majesty that is ramolchan.
"dibs no cracks"
by Jack McJacky April 09, 2004
A plastic-Spoon-Fork-Knife-Scissor-Napkin despensor. Also available with chop sticks.
I seem to have a spifesorrkin stuck in my face.
by Jack McJacky April 01, 2004
the organ that allows you to spajag at random intervals of crazzy. those who can control there spajoogil are so james anderson
"awwwwwwww i have to get a spajoogilectamy"
"thats so anti-spajagen"
by Jack McJacky April 09, 2004

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