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Chav name for 'Canterbury' (Kent, England).
R ya goin 2 canterz l8rz bbz?!
Yea boi!
by Jack Lowe April 07, 2008
The short or chavvy way of saying Geography.
'We has got geoggerz later rude boi'

'You done the geoggerz homework?'
by Jack Lowe March 21, 2009
Ginger in French, they won't understand what you mean.
Salut, tu es un putain gingembre.
(Hi, you are a ginger whore)
by Jack Lowe October 12, 2007
One who munches bitches and the like.
Sam: I fucked my whore the other day.
Jack: But I saw you eating her.
Sam: So?
Jack: You bitchmunch.
by Jack Lowe August 11, 2006
Abbrieviation for Duck I'd Like to Fuck.
Your mum is such a DILF, I know she works in a zoo but it's not her job!
by Jack Lowe March 13, 2009
A face that looks so stupid or ridiculous that you have to laugh out loud.
There was this girl on the train with the most butterz lolface ever, I couldn't stop laughing.
by Jack Lowe March 21, 2009
a very stupid or disfunctional person. It means they have nothing 'up top'(brain). The house, bungalow, only has one floor so it has nothing 'up top' either.Can also mean retarded.
Sam: 2+2=5
Jack: It =4 you bungalow!

Harry: (spastically) c-c-c-c-c-oul-ld y-y-y-ou m-move uh uh out of-f-f-f m-my w-way p-p-please?
Fred: (to Edward)see what i mean? He's a right bungalow.
Edward: Tell me about it.
by Jack Lowe August 10, 2006

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