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1 definition by Jack Koff

* Tom Knychalski, a resident of Marycrest 4th Floor at the University of Dayton, is nicknamed "The Muffin Man". He is mostly known for getting belligerently drunk and peeing and/or vomitting in his own clothes and bed.
"Here comes the Muffin Man himself with vomit on his shirt!"

"I got so muffed up that I won the Muffin Man award."

"I love the Muffin Man song."

"I'm gonna get fucked up and play COD 4" -- Muffin Man

"Get the fuck outta my room!" -- Muffin Man

"Angela has the biggest tits in the world" - Muffin Man

"Your mom's a muffin." - Muffin Man

"Dasani vodka tastes so good!" - Muffin Man

"I like big wieners" - Muffin Man

by Jack Koff September 09, 2008