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"I'm a government agent" means "I recieve financial aid such as disability, unemployment, etc, from the government".
Mike and Jeff are "government agents". Their "mission" this week is to investigate the coastline for any interesting persons and/or activites.
#funemployment #fakation #hookie #skaraoke #cia void work
by Jack Hoffa, CIA void work June 17, 2009
To fake sick in order to have a "vacation" day.
My vacation days are all for Christmas through New Year, so I took a couple of fakation days in the summer.
#funemployment #government agent #cia void work #skaraoke #entertainment industry
by Jack Hoffa, CIA void work June 17, 2009
When you are unemployed, but, don't want to admit it.
FOXY BAR CHICK: So, where do you work?

FUNEMPLOYED DUDE: I work for the government.

FBC: What do you do?

FD: Well, the CIA can't do EVERYTHING, right?

FBC: Right.

FD: So that leaves a void. Right?

FBC: Right.

FD: So, what do I do? CIA void work.
#funemployment #government agent #fakation #facation #fakcation
by Jack Hoffa, CIA void work June 18, 2009
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