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Slang term used for a chess player of weak calibur.
"I beat that patzer with the four move checkmate."
by Jack Genther October 14, 2007
The method used by Richard Feynman to turn the more complicated concepts of nature into common knowledge for the average layman.
Being "Feynmanesque" when describing the atom:

"If an apple was magnified to the size of the Earth, then the atoms in the apple would be approximately the size of the original apple." - Richard Feynman

"Ahh, that makes things clear now." -Layman

by Jack Genther May 24, 2008
Schoolboy slang for a more seasoned or saucy dilemma. Used to identify the more perplexing "hornets' nest" issues.
(A young boy's reaction upon finding out that his parents, friends, and entire existence is a simulation on faulty extra terrestrial computer software:)

Young boy: "Darnitsauce."
by Jack Genther April 25, 2008
A group of three women hanging out together in a social setting. Usually out at a bar or nightclub.
One guy to another: "Check out that triple set hangin at the bar."
by Jack Genther October 14, 2007
A cool way of saying "peace" when saying goodbye or signing an email.

Thanks for info on fapping. I'll see you this weekend.
by Jack Genther October 14, 2007

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