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Past tense of shit
Shitted is not a word
Shit can also be used as a past tense word

Often happens when scared

Can be used to say someone was severely repremanded.

After I got off of the roller coaster, I realized that I shat myself.

When the bear roared, I immediately shat in my pants.

When he said "Fuck" in class, the teacher shat all over him.
#shit #shitted #pissed #scared #fuck
by Jack Cisco July 14, 2006
A humongous piece of shit.

Dumplestiltskin, a creature not of this world, but a user of its bathrooms leaving behind nothing, but terror. Terror and a basketball-sized chocolate mudbaby.
Only in... the Twilight Zone.
(From Robot Chicken)
#bathrooms #chocolate #shit #basketball #twilight zone
by Jack Cisco July 14, 2006
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