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1. A deep-fried food made with potato, and originated in Belgium. Bear in mind that the word "French" in the term is a verb, NOT noun.
2. What some ignorant like to call "Freedom Fries"
3. Others simply refer it as fries.
Want some french fries?
by Jack Cheung June 04, 2005
(chiefly used by asian Australians)

(noun) a person from Hong Kong, or of Hong Kong descent.

Not derogatory; sometimes friendly, but usually purely descriptive.

Probably an abbreviation for Hong Konger.

Bear in mind that putting the subfix -ese after the word "Hong Kong" is not a proper usuage. The South China Morning Post (SCMP), an English newspaper in Hong Kong, use the term Hong Konger. Others simply refer to Hong Kong citizens.
The honky in black's got the stuff!

That honky guy sure pulls the chicks!

Some prick at the cafe slipped me a honky dollar. (Honk Kong dollar coins are the same colour and a similar size to Australian dollar coins.)
by Jack Cheung April 13, 2005

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