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The frozen and contorted, usually mildly retarded looking, facial expression one makes for a few seconds before they let out a sneeze or when experiencing a "Sneezus Interruptus".
Check out his Sneeze Freeze. Take cover, it's going to be a BIG one!

Dude, you have an extreme squishy face you're sneeze freezing!

Bob: You were going to sneeze but it got away, huh?
Dave: How did you know?
Bob: I saw your sneeze freeze.
by Jack Chau January 27, 2011
Derived from word Borghese & infused with just the right touch of gangster rapper, Young Jeezy.

Something of higher value or holds an heir of elegance.

Usually associated with ritz and glamour. Can also be used as reference to the Italian surname Borghese in an urban style.
Yo, them caps be mad borjeezy.

That be a vintage vase? I think from the Borjeezy time period right?
by Jack Chau October 23, 2010
A title belt for Urban Dictionary competitors. Symbolizes achievement/victories for word plays. Awarded to members who hold the highest number of words contributed.
My new word has been approved, I just added another notch to the word belt!

Jose takes back the word bet title from Miguel, after proving Miguel cheated by not using any vowels in his newly created words.
by Jack Chau February 20, 2011

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